Practical Infos


Opening hours & Entry rates

7 - 17 March 2019

Monday - Friday
10 am - 8 pm
Saturday - Sunday
9 am - 7 pm


CHF 16.-


from 6 to 16
CHF 9.-


CHF 9.-


(min. 20 people)
CHF 11.- /each
50% discount on all entry tickets sold on site after 4 p.m.

This cannot be combined with any other offer.
Daily admission tickets to the Show - please note that these do not allow re-entry.

How to get there

Secreteriat of the International Motor Show
Get directions


Secreteriat of the International Motor Show

Palexpo SA
P.O Box 112
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex / Geneva

Phone: +41 22 761 11 11



By public transportation

Tpg Unireso

With the combined ticket of the Geneva Public Transport System (Transports Publics Genève - TPG), the Motor Show offers you a return ticket to/from the Show within the Unireso area on the day of your visit.

No. 5 bus(Thônex-Vallard - Palexpo- Arena - Airport) links directly the City Centre (20 min.) and the airport to Palexpo’s main entrance.
The frequency of service will be increased during the Motor Show opening hours with the “Bus Express Salon Auto”. This service connects Palexpo and Cornavin railway station in 10 minutes.

No. 10 bus(Rive - Airport) stops at the Airport, only a seven-minute walk away from Palexpo Hall 7.

No. 15 tram(Palettes- Nations ) via P+R Etoile, Route des Acacias, Cornavin railway station, change at the ‘Nations’ end stop and then take bus No. 5 or the “ Bus Express Salon Auto”.

No. 23 bus(Carouge-Tours- Palettes - Lancy - Blandonnet - Airport) stops at a seven-minute walk away from Hall 7 Palexpo.

No. 28 bus(Les Esserts - Lignon - Blandonnet - Airport - Palexpo- Jardin Botanique).

No. 53 bus(Vernier-Parfumerie - Blandonnet - Pailly-Balexert - Ferme Sarasin - Gd.-Saconnex-Place - Machéry- Colovrex) stops at three minutes from Palexpo’s main entrance. Get out at Ferme Sarasin and walk through the Sarasin parc.

No. 57 bus(ZIMEYSA Gare - Hospital La Tour - Forumeyrin - Vernier-École - Airport) stops at seven-minute walk away from Hall 7 Palexpo.

No. F(Gare Cornavin - Gd.-Saconnex-Place - Ferney - Gex) stops a five minute walk away from Palexpo’s main entrance (stop Gd-Saconnex-Place and take Sarasin way and then Sarasin park to reach Palexpo).

No. 66(Airport - Palexpo - Ferney-Voltaire–Mairie – Prevessin – St.-Genis – Thoiry Centre commercial).

By train


Avoid getting stuck in traffic jams and enjoy a comfortable, stress-free journey to the Motor Show. Palexpo Hall 7 is just a three minute walk away from Geneva Airport railway station.

Purchase your reduced-price admission to the Motor Show (30% off adult rate) and the best public transport ticket at railway stations, ticket machines and online on

A number of special event trains will be running to and from Geneva Airport for visitors to the 2019 Motor Show. From January 2019 on, find the connection that best suits you on

By car

Parking facilities at Palexpo car park are only for exhibitors. However over 5.600 slots during the week and some 10.000 slots on the weekend will be made available exclusively for Motor Show visitors in 12 park decks located within 5 km radius around Palexpo (Flat rate: CHF 25.- per car) The Geneva police will manage the traffic in real time. The car parks are opened based on occupancy levels and the volume of traffic. Visitors are kindly requested to follow the “P°Salon” signs.

Fees are payable for parking. 

Free shuttle buses run regularly between the various car parks and the Motor Show’s main entrance.


Parking facility for disabled persons

Parking spaces for the disabled are available in the Palexpo car park P12 and the outside car park P47. The number of parking spaces for the disabled is limited and can therefore not be guaranteed. Fees are payable for disabled parking.

The shuttle bus from/to P47 is equipped for persons with reduced mobility.

For further information please contact Palexpo +41 22 761 11 11. Link to the Pdf map on the website “access for disabled”

Wheel chairs (non-electrical) are available: CHF 5.- for half-day - CHF 10.- per day. For more information please address yourself at the information stand.

From neighbouring France

The parking area at Vitam (ex Macumba) is open every day. There are shuttle buses from/to the Motor Show. A fee is payable.

Great St Bernard Tunnel

The tunnel grants the return for free, upon presentation at the toll both, during the return trip, of both the single trip fair and the printed entry ticket to the Geneva Motor Show within 72 Hours of the departure.
This promotion is only valid for cars.

Car Sharing the website that puts drivers and passengers travelling the same route in contact. Share your travelling costs and help the environment.

By coach

Car park P47 is reserved for coaches, buses and groups. Leave the motorway at the Ferney exit and follow signs. Daily rate: CHF 60.- Return transport of the passengers included.

By plane

Flight information : 
Information screen with the flight departures at the Palexpo Congress Centre, opposite the cloakroom.